bean.jpgMr Bean Examination

Mr Bean at the church

Mr Beans has got manypens
He uses a watch to know the time.
He doesn´t copy in the exam
He has studied very much for the exam
He wears a brown suit.
He wears a tie
His pen falls onto the floor
There is a clock in the examination room
The exam is short.
There are more than 50 students in the room
It is a history exam.

Mr Bean Beach

He goes to the countryside
The other man wears sunglasses
There are many people at the beach
Mr bean is fat
He wears a bathing suit
He is well-built
The other man is blind

Mr Bean Church
He goes to the church
He is very interested in the mass(misa)
He falls asleep during the mass
His neighbour is a woman
He knows the songs of the church
He sings very well
He often goes to church
He eats fruit in the church.
3) Mr Bean At the Shopping Mall
He has got a handkerchief(pañuelo)
The musician plays the flute
He gives his money to the musician.
He goes to a supermarket to buy dairy products
He has got a chequebook
He peels an orange with a knife
He puts a fish in the saucepan
He doesn´t buy any saucepan.

Mr Bean Restaurant
It is a cheap restaurant
The waiters are very polite(educados)
He doesn´t drink wine because he doesn´t like wine
He likes the food very much.
Mr beans eats chicken .
There is one glass on his table.