Kirthy’s Secret Video

Episode 1
1)What are the boys’ names?
2)What are the girls’ names?
3)What do they see in the wood? What are they doing?
4)How old is Kirthy?
5) What is she wearing?
6) What do the girls say to Kirsthy?
7) Where do they live?(city)
8)What is written on the video?
9)What can you see on the video?

Episode 2
1)Does Mark like dancing?
2) At what age did Mark start Karate?
3)Why was he very bad at karate that day?
4)Who is the woman?
5)What falls out of her bag?

Episode 3
How do Kirsty and the woman come to school?
How do you say “ Sala de Profes”?
Why do they go to school?
What teacher do they want to speak to?
What is the project about?
What singers do they mention?
When did Melinda sign her first record contrat?
Do English students wear uniform at school? If yes, describe it.
What music does Mark listen to?
What music does Mark prefer?
They invite Kirsty to go to……..
Mark thinks Kirsty is not………. She needs………

Episode 4
Where is Mark?
Give the instructions.
What is the number plate of the car?
What music are they listening to in the car?
They think Kirsty is………….
Who is Kirsty in reality?
She was not shouting, she was….
At what time do they go to the wood the next day?
What’s the teacher’s name.??